Lab News

Congrats to Zhaolian on receiving the 69th China Postdoctoral Science Award! (第69批中国博士后科学基金)

This postdoc grant will support Zhaolian to develop computational methods for analyzing single cell lineage tracing data.

Congrats to Zhaolian on receiving the SIAT Excellent Youth Innovation Grant! (先进院优秀青年创新基金)

This grant will support Zhaolian to apply single-cell lineage tracing to track the clonal evolution of tumor initiation and progression.

Zhaolian gave a talk on cancer lineage tracing at the annual meeting of Center for Quantitative Synthetic Biology.

Zheng receives Guangdong Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar (广东省自然科学基金杰出青年项目)

Dr. Hu was awarded Distinguished Young Scholar of Guangdong Natural Science Fundation and which supports the lab to continously work on deciphering the evolutionary history of metastatic colorectal cancers with multi-region and single-cell genomic data.

Hu lab kicks off at Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Hooray!!

I’m looking forward to an amazing journey ahead…